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PIGMENTO of different colors

Launched in 2007, PIGMENTO® by VMZINC® allows architects to create colourful new visions with an expanded palette of mineral hues. PIGMENTO® uses modern pigment technology and showcases the naturally grained texture of pre-weathered zinc. The result is a revolutionary new look that blends with other coloured materials and reflects the light of its environment.

The PIGMENTO® range is created by adding mineral pigments to a durable protective coating, creating beautifully organic red, green and blue pre-weathered zincs.

The subtlety and depth of PIGMENTO® is unsurpassed in any building material available. The textured aspect of the pre-weathered zinc shows through the color, just as the grain of wood is visible through its coat of varnish.

Like all VMZINC® envelopes, PIGMENTO® requires no scheduled maintenance.

Sheet and Coil

  • Widths up to 1m (39.37”)
  • Standard Sheet Length 3m (118.11”)
  • Gauges between .7mm (.0276”) – 1.5mm (.0591”)

Pre-Fabricated Panels

  • VMZ Flat Lock
  • VMZ Interlocking
  • VMZ Corrugated
  • VMZ Metafor
  • Dri-Design® Cassette

PIGMENTO® by VMZINC® for Interior Applications

Of course when people think about zinc, they naturally think of roofing and cladding. But VMZINC® strikes quite the pose when used in a variety of interior applications, such as facades, bar tops, counter tops, and fireplace mantels. If you are interested in VMZINC® for an interior application, please give us a call.

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