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Natural® VMZINC

NATURAL VMZINC® is the original zinc: shiny and smooth when it comes out of the mill. When installed on an exterior, NATURAL VMZINC® will form a beautifully textured grey patina. The patina’s evolution can take several years based on the location of the panels.

This transformation of the zinc surface allows for dynamic and striking results. For installations in which a visible weathering process is not desired, a different VMZINC® option should be selected. If properly installed according to Umicore Building Products installation guidelines, a NATURAL VMZINC® roof can maintain its beauty for well over fifty years, and walls can last more than one hundred years. Like all VMZINC® products, NATURAL VMZINC® requires no scheduled maintenance.

Sheet and Coil

  • Widths up to 1m (39.37”)
  • Standard Sheet Length 3m (118.11”)
  • Gauges between .7mm (.0276”) – 1.5mm (.0591”)

Pre-Fabricated Panels

  • VMZ Flat Lock
  • VMZ Interlocking
  • VMZ Corrugated
  • VMZ Metafor
  • Dri-Design® Cassettes

VMZINC® More Info Chart

VMZINC® for Interior Applications

Of course when people think about zinc, they naturally think of roofing and cladding. But VMZINC® strikes quite the pose when used in a variety of interior applications, such as facades, bar tops, counter tops, and fireplace mantels. If you are interested in VMZINC® for an interior application, please give us a call.

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