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VaproShield® Accessories

In order for mechanically attached (MA) VaproShield® products (WallShield®, WrapShield®, SlopeShield®, ReNewShield®) to function properly, they must be fixed to their substrates with a combination of sealant, tapes and fasteners.

Until recently, VaproShield mechanically attached air barriers required the use of a costly (material and labour) double-sided 1” tape along the horizontal and vertical seams in order to create an air tight seal. Recently, VaproShield has been working with DOW to develop a weather barrier/air barrier sealant that would effectively bond to the spun bound polypropylene material. DOW has released their silicone weather barrier sealant DOW 758, which bonds extremely well to all VaproShield weather barriers/air barriers. Combined with the new Integrated Tap System, VaproShield’s mechanically attached products now offer the same high durability and permeability, but with an immense reduction in labour and material cost.


  • 1.75” (44.45mm) Diameters
  • 1000 caps/box
  • Available in Black or White

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VaproLiqui-Flash is a liquid applied Waterproof Flashing material for window and door interfaces. It is designed for use with VaproShield Sheet Membranes in Air Barrier and Weather Resistive Barrier applications.VaproLiqui-Flash is a unique material formulated to bond without primers to VaproShield membranes and most common wall substrates forming a monolithic, waterproof surface while remaining permeable to water vapor. It allows underlying moisture to escape to the exterior, reducing the potential for mold and decay that is often associated with non-permeable flashings.

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