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Nordic® Copper for Roofing and Restoration at CBC Specialty Metals

Over the last few decades, Aurubis has developed a range of factory-applied surface treatments to create immediately the various stages of oxidisation and patination (the gradual change in colour of copper). The processes involved are very similar to those taking place over time in the environment and utilise copper mineral compounds, not alien chemical treatments. Essentially, these processes bring forward the environmental changes without taking away the integrity of Aurubis copper as a natural, living material.

Aurubis’ Nordic surfaces include variable intensities of green or blue pre-patination and brown pre-oxidisation. Copper alloys Brass and Nordic Royal™--a golden alloy—are also available, adding to a rich palette of colours and surface textures. All Nordic surfaces form an integral part of the copper and are not coatings or paint. Ongoing changes will continue over time with all Nordic Surfaces depending on the local environment, ranging from quite rapid with Nordic Brass to minimal for Nordic Royal™. Nordic surfaces are supplied with a protective sheet to the finished face.

Nordic® Products Brochure.

Sheet and Coil

  • Widths up to 39.37”
  • Nordic® Royal™ has a max width of 37.40”
  • Thicknesses from .020” - .059”
  • Standard sheet sizes carried
  • Custom Widths and Lengths Available
  • Custom Sizes are Mill Orders

For more information, please see our roofing copper alloys info chart.

Please Note: Due to the fluidity of the metal business, we may not have all items in stock, and we may have in stock items not listed above. It is best to contact us to learn more about stock quantities and to receive a fast quote.

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