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Find Seawater-Resistant C464 Naval Brass at CBC Specialty Metals

C464 Naval Brass is typical of brass alloys with the duplex alpha + beta structure; it has good strength and rigidity. By substituting tin for an equal quantity of zinc, a high corrosion resistance to seawater is achieved. The addition of tin also gives the alloy an inherent resistance to dezincification, thereby further inhibiting the impingement by seawater at higher than normal temperatures. The alloy is also noted for its resistance to wear, fatigue, galling, and stress corrosion cracking.

Available Formats

C464 Naval Brass is available in the following formats:

Round Bar

  • 12’ (3.657m) Lengths
  • Diameters from .1875” (4.762mm) – 10” (254mm)


  • Widths up to 48” (1.219m)
  • Gauges .250”(6.35mm) – .75”(19.04mm)

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