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CBC Specialty Metals Stocks Minimal-Wear C360 Free Cutting Brass

C360 Free Cutting Brass is the alloy most often used for high-speed machine operations, because it produces minimal tool wear, tool breakage, and unnecessary downtime. Rods can be produced in all standard shapes.

Available Formats

C360 Free Cutting Brass is available in the following format:


  • 12’ (3.657m) Lengths
  • Diameters from .0937” (2.381mm) – 6.5” (165.1)
  • Variety of Tempers
  • All Standard Shapes (Square, Hex, Rounds, Flat Bar)

For more information, please see our brass info chart.

Please Note: Due to the fluidity of the metal business, we may not have all items in stock, and we may have in stock items not listed above. It is best to contact us to learn more about stock quantities and to receive a fast quote.

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